“I cannot begin to express the gratitude that I have for these three people.. I got in my car accident November 2017 and was having the worst time with the insurance company of the lady that caused our car accident… I called 3-4 different law firms to try to hire someone to help me out and all of them told me my case was not worth it to them and told me they would not work with me.. I was so discouraged until a family friend recommended Blake Johnson.. I was so discouraged at this point and a little apprehensive to call.. but I am SO glad I did! Right off the bat he told me he would love to help/work with me! Jacque, his paralegal, called me that same day with options for chiropractors to visit and she was ALWAYS so proactive in helping me. She answered my emails quickly as well as any phone calls I made to the office. She was wonderful at explaining processes and giving me crucial advice when it came to getting my life back to normal! She made me feel like a friend rather than a customer and she truly is the kindest person I have ever met. Blake was amazing and truly knows what he is doing. He was so confident and it made me feel completely reassured that I would be taken care of.. And he made sure that I was!! My whole family has been amazed how easy they are to work with and how fantastic they treated me and my case. I know there are much bigger cases than mine probably was.. but they made me feel it was just as important as a big one. I would recommend them to anyone. And from the bottom of my heart I am so glad I got to work with them!”

Ashley Tycz

“Blake Johnson definitely goes above and beyond for his clients. So professional while taking care of his clients concerns, health, and recovery. I highly recommend Blake Johnson.”

Elizabeth Craig

“Blake Johnson is amazing! Not only is he an amazing attorney, he is also an amazing person! My parents were in a tragic accident in July 2017. Blake and Paralegal, Jacque Findlay, took time out of their busy schedules to meet with us at the hospital. My parents case, to me seemed to get complicated quickly, but not for Blake Johnson, he did a phenomenal job handling the insurance companies. Dealing with legal battles are hard enough and it’s nice to have someone that you can trust. Thank you so much for helping my parents!”

April Sutherland

“I appreciate everything that Johnson  Livingston firm has done for me. They work quickly and efficiently. No matter how much I complained and vented about my pains and aches and the situation I was in they listened. They have a lot of empathy for their costumers and continually keep their costumers up to date on how their case’s are doing. I was never left in the dark on where my case was at. Thanks again Johnson Livingston firm!”

Kestlie Randall

“I’m very HAPPY with the results obtained, thank you Johnson & Livingston [you] did a great job.”

“Hicieron un muy buen trabajo, me siento satisfecha con los resultados de mi caso. Gracias Johnson & Livingston.”

Tannya Mite & Sofia Zambrano

“This law firm helped me out so much. They took care of me and made sure that everything turned out amazing with my case!

Rachel Craig

“Blake Johnson is amazing!!! I could have never gotten a better attorney to have in my corner or by my side. I really don’t have words to explain what an amazing attorney and friend you are Blake Johnson and Jacque Findlay. Thank you for always being there for me and for the support in every aspect of my life. Friends and support like you guys is what makes a person stronger and fight harder to become a better person each and every day of my new journey i have and will continue fighting for everyday knowing that there is friends and family that believe in you and what you can accomplish and become.”

Monica L Quintana

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