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Johnson Livingston specializes in 100% personal injury because nothing makes us more upset than people being taken advantage of. We saw first hand the way insurance companies treated their own customers, particularly after an injury, and it wasn’t fair to see so many people go without the support and resources they needed to understand their rights.

Our firm is dedicated to treating you the way you deserve, with attention, compassion, and respect.  We are also here to stand firm for you and with you through your case.

What is a Personal Injury?

Personal injury cases include anyone who has suffered an “accident” or injury on another person’s or business’s property due to hazardous conditions, and ultimately negligence.

There are a variety of injuries and types of injuries that fall under personal injury law. All are related to physically being injured, and the way you re injured, and which types of insurance coverage available can influence your claim.

When you make a personal injury claim, the majority of the time your claim and lawsuit is directed towards an insurance company. Insurance (Home, Auto, Renters, etc.) protects individuals from risks, and as individuals we pay for coverage to protect us and different coverage types and limits can all influence your ability to get the care and treatment you need after an injury.


Motor Vehicle Accidents


Dog Bites

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Here in Utah this is one of the most common reasons why people work with a Personal Injury Lawyer. With over 50,000 Accidents a year in utah, injuries are extremely common. While we can work with you if you wer injured within the last year, the sooner you work with an attorney you trust the better. We are here to help manage your case and make sure we have what we need to file a claim successfully on your behalf.

Most of the time we work with people who need surgeries, have brain injuries, missed work or lost income due to their accident, or have chronic pain because of your accident.

Regardless of how severe your accident was we are happy to review your case and see how we can assist you in the claims process.

car accident
slips and falls

Slips & Falls

Slips and falls happen due to a wide variety of reasons. This can include slippery floors, icy sidewalks, holes in the ground that aren’t marked, tripping hazards, and more. Slips and falls can cause serious injuries, and chronic pain, and having the right representation for your case is important for you to get what you actually need in the long run.

Premise Liability

Premise liability is the technical term for a specific type of insurance coverage that your claim could fall into. Premise liability is related to injuries that happen on someone’s property. Premise liability cases are always related to negligence, where maintenance that should have been taken care of was not. There also may be specific laws and conditions that are not met that contribute to your injury including things like insufficient security  

someone falling
someone on a step stool

Product Liability

Product liability cases are always associated with an injury because a product was faulty or defective due to a manufacturer. 

Product liability cases are rather complex and do require a deep understanding of the context and laws that justify a plaintiff making a successful claim and case. 


Dog Bites

While dog bites fall under premise liability, there are additional extremely specific laws here in Utah. Dog bites are a very common injury that can come with some serious effects.If you are seriously injured from a dog bite, having the right representation can make or break your ability to cover your medical bills, get the treatments you need, and get your life back.

services dog bites

Other Injury Law

We have worked with a wide variety of injuries including zipline injuries, semi-truck accidents, being hit as a pedestrian, people being hit by a car while riding a bike, carbon monoxide injuries, being injured in a haunted house and more. 

If you were injured somewhere you didn’t expect, and it influenced your life in any way shape or form, we are here to help you have the legal support you need through this process.

Personal injury cases also include wrongful death, which happens because someone was killed from negligence or misconduct from an entity or another person.


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