How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You Through Your Brain Injury Case

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With any injury that was not your fault you should seek legal representation but if there is a brain injury it is crucial that you speak with a personal injury attorney. Brain injury cases are unique due to how treatment, wage loss, and future care are handled. Getting an attorney when you have a brain injury is more than just getting help with the insurance claim, they take care of all the stress and critical thinking so you can focus on healing, and getting better. 


Diagnosis is Vital for Your Claim & Case 


Brain injuries don’t always manifest themselves immediately when you have brain trauma. That’s why it is a good idea to get checked by a medical provider to diagnose it and start treating you to prevent more trauma to the brain. 


For example, a past client of ours received a concussion from the crash but since they did not mention that their head hurt and they didn’t get it properly diagnosed the insurance didn’t accept the injury as valid/relating to the incident because they didn’t mention or get it diagnosed by a medical provider soon after the crash.


Serious injuries like brain injuries can require medical referrals, and appropriate treatment. Personal Injury Attorneys who care about your best interests can help you find professionals who will help you with treatment. If you are having a hard time finding someone to help you, we have a variety of options you can choose from to work with that best fit your personal needs. 


Future Care and the Real Value of Your Case


Brain injuries can affect your life for several years, and sometimes the rest of your life. One brain injury can make future injuries to the brain more severe. Future care is very important when it comes to a brain injury. 


Many people need future care because the effects of brain injuries can be long lasting or even permanent. While recovery and rehabilitation are possible, future care is not only expected but necessary. If you have a brain injury combined with other injuries from the same incident, then needing future care is a very real possibility, and only a medical provider can tell you what to expect with your specific injuries.  


It is s our job to make sure we understand what your medical providers are recommending, and what you will need moving forward so we can goto bat for you, to get the care that you need to take care of yourself moving forward. 


Handling the Case Details 


People with traumatic brain injuries tend to have trouble paying attention, and concentrating, they often feel confused or mentally “foggy”, they have slowed thinking, problems understanding others, problems remembering, issues with speech, learning difficulties, hard time completing complex tasks, inability to identify/understand one’s own impairments, and other cognitive difficulties. 


Identifying your impairments from a brain injury is more difficult than identifying a broken bone. This is why it is crucial to have an attorney talk with the insurance to make sure that your ongoing symptoms are documented and reviewed by a doctor and not just the symptoms you experience immediately after the incident. Even an mTBI, though it’s considered mild, can have big impact on your life, and future. 


Having an attorney when you have a brain injury allows for you and your brain to heal from the incident and let go of stress about your case. You can focus on getting better, and have less stress knowing that your case is in good hands with people who have experience working with brain injuries and personal injury cases, specifically here in Utah. 


Here at Johnson Livingston, we will take you and your case seriously. We offer free case consultations so see if we are the right fit for your needs. We can even let you know how viable your case is, and you can count on us to take you and your case seriously. You can reach out to us here to schedule an appointment or give us a call at 801-948-9670


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