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Hit While Exiting Parking lot- at Fault Party wasn’t Paying Attention

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Each case study is based on real cases that Johnson | Livingston has either successfully settled or completed with a verdict. Our success is based on the way we approach taking care of our clients, our expertise, and gathering evidence and facts.

Type of Injury 

Sprain Strain – Car Crash Injury


Incident Details & Facts 

Our client was hit while exiting a parking lot. Liability was clear, the at-fault party wasn’t paying attention.


Case Details & Why They Needed a Lawyer 

  1. The Insurance called her right after the incident and offered to pay $3000 of her medical expenses plus $500 and pressured her into getting treatment right away to try to wrap the case up quickly. 
  2. The insurance was offering to pay Personal Injury Protection (PIP) back and give her $500 in her pocket. We got involved in the case and ended up getting the insurance company to pay $3000 plus $5000 to the client.


Clients Biggest Concerns Addressed About the Case 

Even though she was in a parking lot it wasn’t a small hit and insurance does everything they can to imply that their case is “low speed” or “insignificant” or to minimize injuries and the full impact of the injuries so that people will settle for less than what they need and deserve.


Case Results 

After all our client paid her medical bills, and attorney costs were paid, she walked away with 4x more in her own pocket than what she would have gotten if she settled with insurance herself.


Key Takeaways from Case 

  1. Insurance companies take your case more seriously when you have an attorney that can help you navigate conversations, and ask for appropriate compensation related to your specific injuries and claim details. 
  2. Even a “low impact” car crash can cause bodily injury, and every injury should be taken seriously because even acute pain can become chronic.


What to Expect in a Consultation with Johnson | Livingston?

We take each case seriously. During your free consultation, you can count on us to listen to your story, take notes, and ask you questions about how your life has been impacted. You can also count on us to communicate in ways that are not overwhelming or to use lawyer jargon.

  • Review What Happened to You
  • Review Current Steps and Progress
  • Discuss Life Changes & Impact of Case
  • Give You a Chance to Ask Questions
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