Getting a Lawyer Doesn’t Mean You Are Suing a Person

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Even when injured as a result of the negligent actions of someone else, many people are unsure whether or not to hire a lawyer. People are often hesitant to be viewed as “sue happy” or greedy, which is often the negative perception people have when they hear people have hired attorneys. 


However, just because you hire a lawyer for your accident case, does not mean you are suing someone. For example, when you hire a lawyer for a personal injury, there will actually be several opportunities to resolve your claim before you actually ever get to the point of filing a lawsuit. Additionally, even if you name the person at fault for causing your injuries, it is very unlikely that you are suing the person in a manner that would be touching their personal accounts or assets. Your suing them is not going to cause them to lose their home or cars. What you are really doing is suing the insurance company that covers the at fault person, a benefit they have already paid for when paying their monthly insurance premium.


Some of the many benefits a quality Utah Personal Injury Attorney provides you in your injury case, prior to filing a lawsuit are:


Legal Advice


Although millions of people drive a car everyday, few know about the coverage and benefits their auto insurance provides them. People often worry that their case is destroyed if the police officer doesn’t give the other driver a citation, even though they were clearly at fault. Utah Personal Injury Attorneys like those at Johnson Livingston understand the law, what rights you have, and how to protect them. Good attorneys will empower you with knowledge about exactly what’s happening in your case, and to communicate it in a way that doesn’t leave you wondering “what did they just say” or “what does that even mean?” The best attorneys should leave you feeling heard and experiencing peace of mind that you’re on the right track and that they are leading you to the right result.


Handle the Claim For You


After your accident, you feel awful. Your life has been upended and you’re likely receiving calls from your own insurance, the other person’s insurance, the tow driver, responding police officer, and maybe even witnesses. Hiring an attorney prevents these people from calling you, and requires all calls be directed toward them. This allows you to focus on getting the treatment you need to recover and feel better. Additionally, our Personal Injury Attorneys know how to communicate with the insurance company to get the repairs to your vehicle taken care of, recover your lost wages, and assist with getting additional compensation when you need extra help around the house.


One of the biggest stresses after an accident is how to pay for the treatment you need. Many people don’t know that Utah law requires auto insurance policies to have a no-fault medical payment benefit, called personal injury protection (“PIP”), in a minimum amount of $3,000.00. The attorneys at Johnson Livingston know how to access this benefit, and use those funds to get your providers paid. Personal Injury Attorneys can also assist with coordinating medical referrals, when needed, and making sure that you get the treatment that you need. While we do not diagnose, or determine the extent of your treatment, we can give you a variety of options in finding the physicians or providers needed to resolve your pain.  Many providers are also willing to provide treatment on a “lien,” meaning that you don’t have to pay out of pocket and your bills are not due until a settlement has been reached in your case.


Once your provider has released you from treatment, the Johnson Livingston team will collect your medical records and bills that are related to the injury-causing incident. We then put together a “Demand Package” that identifies the extent of your injuries, and this paints a detailed picture for the insurance company as to how the crash affected you physically, emotionally, and mentally, and financially. This is the first step required to start the negotiation process and will provide the insurance company with all the necessary evidence they need to extend you a settlement offer on your case.


Negotiating For You & Your Case


In order to reach a settlement you feel good about, there are various stages of negotiation your attorney will engage in. First and foremost, is negotiating with the insurance company, and getting them to extend an offer that will cover medical bills, case costs, along with your pain and suffering. This can take several rounds of back and forth, with each side giving a little until a point of understanding or impasse is reached. This is the most important phase of a case if you want to avoid actually having to file a lawsuit. Lawsuits are typically filed as a last resort when the insurance companies are unwilling to pay fair or reasonable compensation.  When you need to know whether an offer is reasonable or fair, having an experienced Personal Injury Attorney can provide you with the insight you need to decide whether to resolve your claim, or what the next steps would be.


Will You Have To Sue Anyone?


While there are plenty of beneficial reasons to get a Personal Injury Attorney, especially if you don’t want to sue someone, then hiring a Personal Injury Attorney is the best way to explore your options and avoid litigation, suing someone else in court. If you need help with anything legal, it is always worth first checking with a lawyer to make sure all your bases are covered. If it is accident-related, these consultations are free, and hiring us costs you nothing out of pocket. We only take a fee if we are able to get you paid by the insurance company.


Everyone purchases insurance to cover risks, including accidents that cause personal injuries. Insurance policies are the safety net that allows injured people to get compensation for their injuries without feeling like they are hurting someone else, by suing them. Allow us to help you navigate these unfamiliar waters. At Johnson Livingston, we take every case seriously. We also believe that insurance companies who are unwilling to pay the necessary compensation for personal injuries need to legally be held accountable. We are passionate about standing behind our clients and doing everything possible to get our clients the compensation they deserve. 


You can start with a free case consultation to learn how we can help you with your unique case needs. Schedule your free consultation today by calling us at 801-948-9670.



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