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Fault Driver didn’t know She didn’t have a Stop Sign

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Each case study is based on real cases that Johnson | Livingston has either successfully settled or completed with a verdict. Our success is based on the way we approach taking care of our clients, our expertise, and gathering evidence and facts.

Type of Injury 

Injured her right arm and wrist as well as back and neck. – Personal Injury from a Car Crash


Incident Details & Facts 

Our client was driving on a road with no stop sign, the at-fault driver didn’t know she didn’t have a stop sign, and he hit her. She was driving for DoorDash and didn’t have the right insurance coverage for it and she missed out on benefits because her own insurance denied her claim.


Case Details & Why They Needed a Lawyer 

  1. She talked to her insurance and after giving them a statement they put her 20% at fault. 
  2. It’s helpful to have an attorney to deal with the insurance claim when you get denied what you need to cover costs of medical treatment, car repairs, lost wages, and more.


Clients Biggest Concerns Addressed About the Case 

Myth – if you drive for DoorDash and have regular insurance on your car, you’ll be covered in the event of a crash – this is false. 


Fact – Most insurance companies do not cover if you drive for door dash, uber, etc… without special coverage. Be sure to check the details of your contract, and your insurance before using your car for jobs related to these services.


Case Results 

Her medical bills and treatment cost around 18K, our goal was to make sure she didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket at all. 


She couldn’t make an underinsured motorist claim, so we went after her bodily injury policy limit of 25K. 


Then we worked with her medical providers to make sure her bills were paid and covered so she wasn’t at a significant financial loss.


Key Takeaways from Case 

  1. Your insurance may provide “full coverage” but it’s important to ask under what circumstances.  It’s extremely frustrating when your own insurance won’t cover you because your job is driving for DoorDash.
  2. We loved working with her on this claim because she definitely had a case. This is why we encourage everyone in an accident to talk with an attorney because insurance companies can be tricky to deal with through the claims process.


What to Expect in a Consultation with Johnson | Livingston?

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