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Exposure to Carbon Monoxide Causing a Brain Injury

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Each case study is based on real cases that Johnson | Livingston has either successfully settled or completed with a verdict. Our success is based on the way we approach taking care of our clients, our expertise, and gathering evidence and facts.

Type of Injury 

Brain injury from Exposure to Carbon Monoxide


Incident Details & Facts 

A couple was celebrating their anniversary at a hotel and were exposed to Carbon Monoxide the whole weekend. She was 8 months pregnant and they went to the hospital because the baby wasn’t moving very much. 


Ultimately they were diagnosed with Carbon Monoxide poisoning which caused depression, anxiety, cognitive deficits, slowed processing, speech deficiencies, pathfinding problems, coping issues, sensitivity to sound and light.


Case Details & Why They Needed a Lawyer 

  1. This is a difficult injury to explain and to prove. 
  2. The insurance company did not believe them and thought they were lying. 
  3. The insurance company hired experts to test them that ultimately gave the opinion that our clients were lying and claimed that all their problems were because of pre-existing conditions.


Clients Biggest Concerns Addressed About the Case 

This type of injury requires a lot of evidence and work to prove. 


Having an attorney that will learn the medicine, talk to the right doctors, and help you pay attention to the symptoms and the timeline is essential to make a successful claim or case. You have to find an attorney that cares about the details and the full impact it has on your life.


Case Results 

The insurance company never offered anything over 250K prior to trial. The trial occurred and they were awarded 4.85 million. After trying to avoid the appeal, the insurance company settled for less, and still well over the policy limit of 2 million. The final settlement is confidential.


Key Takeaways from Case 

  1. You need an attorney that is dedicated to learning the details of your case. 
  2. A good personal injury lawyer will also learn the medical terminology, and be willing to talk to the right doctors to understand the full extent of your injury. 
  3. Not every attorney is willing to take the time and have the guts to go to trial for cases that are much more risky than a personal injury case that is easy to settle out of court.


What to Expect in a Consultation with Johnson | Livingston?

We take each case seriously. During your free consultation, you can count on us to listen to your story, take notes, and ask you questions about how your life has been impacted. You can also count on us to communicate in ways that are not overwhelming or to use lawyer jargon.

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  • Review Current Steps and Progress
  • Discuss Life Changes & Impact of Case
  • Give You a Chance to Ask Questions
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