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Dog Bite to the Face

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Each case study is based on real cases that Johnson | Livingston has either successfully settled or completed with a verdict. Our success is based on the way we approach taking care of our clients, our expertise, and gathering evidence and facts.

Type of Injury 

Dog Bite to the Face – Resulting in a Ripped Lip


Incident Details & Facts 

Our client helps maintain pools, and was called out to service a pool at a man’s home. He was given access and permission to enter the backyard. 


When the family went to get a part and came back home, the daughter didn’t realize she had let her dog outside. When the pool man opened the gate, the dog immediately charged and jumped on him attacking his face. 


The dog got his lip and ripped the upper lip tearing it down, and he had a small slice to her nose. He had to have plastic surgery and made a phenomenal recovery.


Case Details & Why They Needed a Lawyer 

  1. The Insurance company would have offered hardly anything if they had not an attorney.
  2. His medical expenses were fairly inexpensive and he was also covered by workers compensation because he was injured on the job.
  3. He didn’t know that he was entitled to more compensation based on the permanent disfiguration of his face. This changed the outcome of his case compensation significantly.


Clients Biggest Concerns Addressed About the Case 

People don’t know that dog bites are strict liability, meaning it doesn’t matter how it happened. 


if you own the dog, it’s your fault. So the big argument with these cases is the injury, and the impact of the injury.


Most people don’t realize that they are valued higher and they often settle leaving money on the table.


Case Results 

This case was a big success. Our client walked away with 14x more than he was expecting, and the dog went through quarantine and training and went back with the owner.


Key Takeaways from Case 

  1. If you are bitten by a dog, you need to talk to an attorney so that your medical expenses are covered, and you are fairly compensated. 
  2. Dog bite laws are very clear here in Utah and we can help you understand the laws related to your dog bite case. (Learn more about 5 things to know about dog bites >)


What to Expect in a Consultation with Johnson | Livingston?

We take each case seriously. During your free consultation, you can count on us to listen to your story, take notes, and ask you questions about how your life has been impacted. You can also count on us to communicate in ways that are not overwhelming or to use lawyer jargon.

  • Review What Happened to You
  • Review Current Steps and Progress
  • Discuss Life Changes & Impact of Case
  • Give You a Chance to Ask Questions
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