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Car Crash Injuries with Drunk Driver

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Each case study is based on real cases that Johnson | Livingston has either successfully settled or completed with a verdict. Our success is based on the way we approach taking care of our clients, our expertise, and gathering evidence and facts.

Type of Injury 

Car Crash Injury – Significant Cut on Wrist with Permanent Scarring 


Incident Details & Facts 

This client got into a friend’s car, and didn’t know the driver was drunk. The car rolled on the freeway here in Utah and she received significant injuries to her head and to her wrist. 


Case Details & Why They Needed a Lawyer 

  1. Getting into a car with a drunk driver would be a reason the insurance companies would lowball a settlement offer. 
  2. The Plantiff, our client, wanted to focus on her treatment and rehabilitation, without having to hurt her friend or dragging them through the insurance claims process. 
  3. Having an attorney made a complicated case less stressful, and we were able to get her settlement quickly. 


Clients Biggest Concerns Addressed About the Case 

The biggest concern was that she got into the vehicle, and the insured only had a 25K bodily injury limit, so this limited her ability to get any more compensation. This case is a good example of why it’s important to have good coverage limits and more than the minimum required by Utah law. 


Case Results 

Our client did receive the policy limit in her settlement. Even with this limited amount, particularly with a head injury, we negotiated with providers to bring her medical expenses down so that she ended up with some extra money in her pocket – another reason having an attorney is helpful.  


Key Takeaways from Case 

  1. Getting higher limits on insurance while it can save you a few dollars on your monthly bill, it can significantly lower your ability to get what you need if you are injured in an accident. 
  2. Personal Injury Attorneys can help your claim reach those policy limits, and negotiate with medical providers to bring the bills down. 


What to Expect in a Consultation with Johnson | Livingston?

We take each case seriously. During your free consultation, you can count on us to listen to your story, take notes, and ask you questions about how your life has been impacted. You can also count on us to communicate in ways that are not overwhelming or to use lawyer jargon.

  • Review What Happened to You
  • Review Current Steps and Progress
  • Discuss Life Changes & Impact of Case
  • Give You a Chance to Ask Questions
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