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It’s important that you feel comfortable with the attorney and team handling your claim. Feeling comfortable with sharing the details of your injuries and the affect those injuries have had on your life requires a certain level of comfort and trust. We want to get to know you, and we want you to get to know us.

Injury Attorneys for the Modern World

Blake Johnson and Todd Livingston have a mutual desire to create a firm committed to building trust with each client they serve. Their desire to provide clients with the best possible representation has driven them to invest more time and stay up-to-date on the latest cutting edge techniques. They’re committed to fighting harder for their clients, diving into the details, and ultimately getting better results for their clients. 

Our Legal Team

Blake W. Johnson

Blake W. Johnson

Attorney, Owner


Blake was born and raised in Utah and attended the University of Utah Law School. While in school, Blake was a member of the Mediation and Negotiation competition team. He discovered his passion for personal injury while employed as a clerk during law school.

Life experience has set Blake apart from most attorneys working in his field. As a former Private Investigator Blake takes a very logical and common sense approach to the cases he works up. His experience a s PI has taught him how to discover the information needed to fully explore a case. His ability to get to the truth and find the facts are critical when advocating for his clients.

In addition to his investigative skills, Blake also became fluent in Spanish after serving an LDS mission in Argentina. Speaking Spanish has not only allowed Blake to advocate for a larger population, but also gives him an advantage when interviewing potential witnesses in the cases he works up.

Todd D. Livingston

Todd D. Livingston

Attorney, Owner


Todd earned a B.A. in criminal justice with a minor in psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2008, where he graduated summa cum laude. In 2012, he earned a J.D. from Gonzaga University School of Law, where he was a negotiations competition finalist.

Todd and his family found their way to the Beehive State in 2011, when he received the opportunity to extern at the Salt Lake City Public Defenders office. He has dedicated himself to fighting for people whose voice may not always be heard. Prior to formulating the Johnson | Livingston firm, Todd worked for Kramer Law Group as a personal injury attorney, and Todd practiced personal injury, criminal defense, and immigration law at Anderson & Young.

Jacque Findlay

Jacque Findlay



Jacque began working in the legal field in 2013 when she joined the team at Myler Disability. Ultimately she joined the Personal Injury side in 2015 and has fallen in love with that area of law. 

Jacque’s passion for helping others and her attention to detail makes her a valuable member of the team. 

She’s is focused on doing what is best for our clients and loves investigating cases to ensure the best possible result can be received for each client. 

Karla Maldonado

Karla Maldonado



Karla began working with Chiropractors in 2016. It was there she received experience working with insurance companies to ensure patients received their maximum benefits available.

Karla loved helping injured patients feel better and decided she wanted to help them throughout their entire case so she came to work at Johnson Livingston. She has first hand experience knowing what it’s like going through a motor vehicle accident. She wants to be the one that helps our  clients through their injury by navigating the process for them.

Karla dedicates her time and energy to ensuring the clients have a voice and know what’s going on with their cases. She’s an amazing advocate and a valuable member of our team.

Our Philosophy



At Johnson Livingston we are committed to our clients. Other injury firms are commonly referred to as “mills” because their attorneys work on hundreds of cases at the same time. At Johnson Livingston, we believe in the phrase “Quality over Quantity.” Putting the client first means to first and foremost, dedicate enough time to make sure that our clients’ needs are met.

By keeping our caseload smaller, that means that your case will be prepared by an attorney to make sure that all your needs are met.



Whether presenting a case at trial to a jury or discussing the case with our clients, we believe in 100% transparency at Johnson Livingston. We live by the phrase “honestly is the best policy.” What this means is that you will never be kept in the dark on the details of your case. You can ask us any question at any time and expect an honest answer.

We also believe you are entitled to an honest assessment of your case and what to expect. Unlike other injury firms who will tell you anything to get your business, we will provide honest feedback from the initial consultation.



At Johnson Livingston, we are dedicated to preparing all aspects of our clients’ cases with urgency. At other injury firms, the attorneys will prepare the basics needed to make a claim, and “wait and see” if settlement can be reached before preparing other aspects of the case. We prepare all aspects early because it sets the standard with the insurance companies and defense lawyers that Johnson Livingston is fully prepared to go to trial if they don’t offer fair compensation.

This commitment to preparation often results in a fair settlement earlier because we have our ducks in a row before we start negotiating.


Utah Personal Injury & Trial Attorneys

Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Trucking, Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Motorcycle are just a few types of motor vehicle crashes we handle.

Slips & Fall Attorneys

Also known as trip & falls, these injuries are a result of an unsafe or defective condition on someone's property.

Premise Liability Attorneys

Injuries that are a result of an unsafe or defective condition on someone's property.

Product Liability Attorneys

Injuries caused by the use of a faulty product. Whether it be the product itself or failure to communicate proper use of the product.

Dog Bite Attorneys

When a pet owner fails to secure their animal and that animal causes injury or harm to another, they may be liable.

Other Injury Law

Anytime you or someone you love has been injured as a result of someone else's negligence, you may have a claim. Call us for a free consultation.

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