5 Ways to Know You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

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Experiencing an injury carries with it not only the physical pain, but the mental distress that comes with the unknowns. How will you continue working with your injuries? Can you take time off work? How will you pay for the medical bills? Who can treat your type of injuries? These are all valid questions. If these are questions you’re asking yourself as a result of one or all of the 5 signs below, these may signal that you need to hire an experienced Utah Personal Injury Attorney to help answer these questions.


1. You were injured by no fault of your own.


Whether it is a car crash, dog bite, chemical burn, or a fall, if you were hurt, but it was not your fault, you may need a Utah Personal Injury Attorney.  Getting injured is always upsetting, but it can be particularly frustrating when you didn’t do anything wrong. Understanding how someone else’s negligence can affect you, and ways to utilize their insurance to compensate you is something a Utah Personal Injury Attorney can help you with.


2. You need medical treatment/intervention due to the incident, and you’re worried about how to pay for it. 


Regardless of whether you have health insurance or not, how to pay for medical expenses is always distressing. Sometimes, you may not be sure exactly what kind of provider can treat your particular injuries. Although we never provide medical advice, the Personal Injury Attorneys at Johnson Livingston can usually point you in the right direction. We can work with your health insurance to connect you with covered providers. If there is a provider who is not covered by your insurance, many medical providers are willing to delay payment until the end of your case if they know you are working with a Utah Personal Injury Attorney. This allows you to get treatment without worrying about the cost until the case is settled. Not all providers will agree to do this, so it is important to have this conversation with your Utah Personal Injury Attorney, so you can continue to get the care that you need to recover.


3. Beyond your medical expenses, you’ve had personal pain and suffering.


In Utah, as long as your medical expenses meet or exceed $3,000.00, the law requires that you also receive compensation for your pain and suffering. Maybe your injuries caused you to miss out on important family events, or you needed extra help around the house. Maybe you have been unable to go to the gym or run that marathon you were training so hard for. Utah Personal Injury Attorneys, like those at Johnson Livingston, can also negotiate with providers on your behalf to demonstrate the value of these lost experiences and opportunities, and increase the value of your settlement.


4. As someone who’s been injured, you want to know your options and rights.


After an accident, everyone you know will have an opinion about what to do, where to go for care, and what you’re entitled to. If you truly want to know how the law applies to your unique situation, only an experienced Utah Personal Injury Attorney can tell you. Are you curious about recouping lost wages? Or need to know whether the offer the insurance company already extended you is fair? The attorneys at Johnson Livingston can thoughtfully explain all the options available to you, how the law applies to your situation, and what you can expect on the various paths you can take to reach your desired outcome. Not every case requires you to go to court, but not every offer from the insurance company is fair either. Evaluating what is best for you requires the knowledge and experiences that comes with an attorney. A good attorney will have your back, and best interests in mind every step of the way. 


5. You want someone to advocate for you.


Even if you have supportive family and friends, no one can truly appreciate the burden your injuries can have on your mental and emotional health. Having someone in your corner who can give what you’re experiencing a voice, particularly against the corporate giants like insurance companies, is one of the best reasons to hire a Utah Personal Injury Attorney. Having someone explain the process, the legal terms, and tactics insurance companies use to minimize payment will empower you on your path to recovery. Knowledge is power. Having an attorney use that knowledge and apply it to your situation is what will set you up for success.  


If you’ve been injured due to no fault of your own, and you have questions, contact the experienced Utah Personal Injury Attorneys at Johnson Livingston. We offer free case consultations to see if we are the right fit for your case. We can even let you know how viable your case is. You can reach out to us here to schedule an appointment or give us a call at 801-948-9670


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