5 Ways Ensure You Pick the Right Personal Attorney in Orem, Utah

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Looking for a personal injury attorney in Orem, Utah after a wreck or injury can be a difficult process. There are so many attorneys for you to choose from, which means you have to advocate for yourself and ask the right questions. 


Here are 5 ways you can ensure the attorney you are choosing is the perfect fit for your personal injury case.


1. Go Through Their Website Thoroughly


The first step in looking for a personal injury attorney is to find the attorneys, and what better way to do that than with a quick google search for “personal injury attorneys in Orem, Utah.” Once you’ve done this it’s important to consider the attorneys you’d like more information on and research each firm carefully starting with their website. 


A firm’s website will tell you a lot about who they are and what they stand for. Go through their website and pay attention to the information you are seeing. Important things to look for are: 

  • Do they advertise for every type of law? If the firm you’re searching has dozens of practice areas, be wary about whether they are experts at any of them..  You want someone who really focuses on personal injury.
  • Do they educate and answer questions about personal injury claims and cases along the way? 
  • Were your concerns about working with an attorney eased? 
  • Are any red flag words or phrases  being used (ex. Requiring payment upfront, Guaranteed Dollar Amount)
  • Are they clear about what the process looks like, and how you’ll work together? 
  • Do they make outlandish claims like: We’ll settle your case in short amounts of time? We will get you millions? No attorney can guarantee these things, and doing so should be concerning.


An attorney’s website should put you more at ease by educating you about the personal injury process, and answering typical questions about working with them. If you notice any red flag words or phrases being used, it’s time to hightail it out of there. 


Once you have gone through each potential attorney’s website and have narrowed your list down even further, it’s time to find out their reputation amongst previous clients. 


2. Read the Reviews and Experiences of Others


The next step in looking for a personal injury attorney is to dig into the experiences others in your situation have had working with them. The best reviews will always be posted onto an attorneys website, and while these reviews are important, they are going to be the cream of the crop reviews, carefully selected by the attorney or their marketing team, and may not fully reflect all past or current clients’ experiences. 


Google business reviews are likely going to give you a more accurate picture. Their listing should have plenty of reviews for you to read through, especially when you consider how long their office has been open. If they brag about 50 years of experience, but only have ten reviews, that can be a red flag. Additionally, sites like Google and Yelp have policies in place that require full transparency. Businesses using either platform are unable to just “remove” a bad review, and instead have to go through a process to have them taken down, even if the reviews are fake. This empowers you to get a clearer picture of how they treat people, and if you will be taken care of as well. 


Take the time to go through and really read the reviews and take each experience into account. Consider if this firm’s behavior and conduct with their clients and whether their case type aligns with what you are looking for. Remember to look at reviews carefully and to inspect different date ranges. Be thorough and take your time. 


3. Schedule Your Consultation, This is Where the Interview Begins 


Before you meet with each attorney, have a set of questions ready about your claim and their services. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the process. The right personal injury attorney in Orem, Utah will take your concerns seriously and they will listen to you and ask questions back. It’s important to remember that this isn’t a one-way conversation. 


As you ask questions make sure the attorney is paying full attention to what you are saying. It’s important to find someone that really listens to you. . Do you feel like you’re being treated as just another transaction? If so, move on. The right attorney will respect your time and the impact your injury has had on your life. 


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4. Gauge Your Comfort Level 


Now that your consultations are over, your questions have been answered and you have more information on each attorney’s office, it’s time to reflect on the experiences. Look at each law firm individually and ask yourself some key questions: 


  • Did They Answer Your Questions? 
  • Did You Understand Their Answers to Your Questions, and Feel Comfortable with Those Answers? 
  • Did You Feel Like They Took Your Situation Seriously? 
  • Did They Give You Adequate Attention During Your Time With Them? 
  • Were They Able to Explain the Process for Your Claim? 
  • Does This Law Firm Align With Your Goals for Your Claim?
  • Did you feel like they were rushing you, or pressuring you to sign with their office? 


All of these questions are important to think through carefully. The personal injury attorney you choose in Orem, Utah should be one that makes you feel comfortable and cared for. Regardless of the type of claim you are working through, your pain matters and it’s important that the attorney you choose cares deeply about your situation.


5. Who is the Best Fit for YOU?


Every personal injury claim is different and no two cases look the same. That’s why ultimately, after doing all of your research, nothing is more important than choosing the attorney you feel most comfortable working with.. You get to choose who handles your case, so first and foremost whomever you choose needs to be a good fit for you and your situation. 


Choosing the right personal injury attorney means more than just being comfortable with them. You must feel their desire to advocate for you, communicate with you, and that they will stand firmly and boldly for you. The right attorney will guarantee that your case is taken seriously and handled with the utmost professionalism and care. Choosing the right personal injury attorney for you means you have someone in your corner who allows you to walk away feeling taken care of. 


If you or someone you know were in an accident that resulted in injury and feel that you may have a personal injury claim contact us today for your FREE consultation with Orem’s Top Personal Injury Attorneys. To learn more about Johnson Livingston and our dedication to helping people get the care and compensation they deserve after a life altering accident visit our website here. 



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