12 Ways to Have an Injury Free Halloween

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Halloween is one of the best parts of fall. It’s always a party and a good time until someone gets hurt. In all the festivities and excitement, sometimes we forget we need to slow down and be present, particularly when we are driving, going from house to house, and enjoying the company of our friends and family. 

Sadly, two times as many kids are hit by cars on Halloween than any other day of the year.

Here are some of the most important things to do to make sure that sugar overload and potentially more cavities are the worst things that happen this Halloween. 

1. Remind Your Kids to Walk Safely

Remind them of their walking basics, look both ways, don’t run across a street, try to make contact with those driving the car, and be alert for cars backing up, or turning. 

2. Stay on the sidewalk as much as possible. 

If there isn’t a sidewalk be sure to walk towards oncoming traffic, not with traffic. 

3. Pick Reflective Costumes or Use Reflective Tape 

It might be a good idea to get costumes that have reflective components so they are more visible as the evening gets darker. Typically, only 18% of parents will put reflective tape on their children’s costumes, but this can make a huge difference in keeping kids and even adults safe. 

4. Trick or Treat in an Area You Are Familiar With

Knowing the area means you will make safer choices, and there are less unknown factors or things you have to be aware of. We also encourage you to go where there are street lights so that as you walk you can be seen by cars and passersby. 

5. Put Your Phone Down if You Are Driving or Walking

Phones are distracting. If you are looking at your phone while you drive you are more likely to miss things and put yourself and others at high risk. Also pay more attention to your phone than your driving, which means you have delayed reaction times, and you significantly increase your chance of crashing or harming others.

If you are walking with your head down looking at your phone you will miss important cues to keep you and your loved ones safe. Also, if there are others around you horsing around you want to be able to react appropriately, but that is hard to do if you are glued to your phone. 

6. Plan Your Route Ahead of Time 

Planning your route ahead of time can also make sure you are in well-lit areas, decreasing your risk of a hit and run, and increasing your ability to be seen by those driving and passers-by. 

7. Agree on a Time to Come Home 

If you have older kids, be sure to set up a time when everybody will be home. This can help you all be on the same page, and if anything does happen you will know sooner rather than later. 

8. Choose Face Paint Over Masks 

You don’t want to impair or limit your children’s ability to see where they are going and what’s happening around them. Masks can block and limit their ability to see important safety cues, where face paint won’t limit their peripheral vision as much.  

9. Have Your Kids Carry Glow Sticks or Flash Lights 

Anything you can do to help them see, and be seen by drivers will decrease the chances of being hit. Glow sticks can also make the evening more fun. You can find glow sticks and flashlights even at the dollar store, so they are an inexpensive way to help your kids stay safe

10. Make Sure Your Costumes Fit 

Large costumes can contribute to potential injuries. Having the right costume size can help reduce your chance of being injured. 

11. SLOW DOWN if You are Driving and Follow the Laws 

There is no need to hustle through a neighborhood or intersection. You don’t have time to crash, or hit someone, just as much as you want to get to your destination so stop at the stop signs, and stop lights, look both ways before turning into an intersection, and put your phone down. 

12. Look Twice Before You Walk or Drive into an Intersection, and Look at All Directions. 

Again twice as many children are hit by cars than on any other day of the year, so keep your eyes open for kids around you, even if they are in dark clothing. It’s also important to keep your eyes open for cars and vehicles around you that may not be able to see you as clearly as you can see them. 

Overall, we want Halloween to be a fun, safe, and enjoyable experience. We hope that as you follow these safety tips you can avoid any injuries and have the best Halloween yet! If for any reason you are injured this Halloween, please be sure to get the treatment you need and to document what happened so that if you need to pursue any legal actions you have what you need to receive compensation. 

If you have been injured during the festivities of Halloween, you may be entitled to compensation. We offer free case reviews and would love to talk with you more about how we can help you through the legal process. You can contact us at 801-948-9670 or online here to get started


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